1I began blogging on 11/23/2006 and this was my first post: Significance Versus Insignificance. The title of my blog was Ron’s Reflections. Seven years… 1,648 posts… 2,121 comments… and 407,829 views later I begin blogging as Redemption Ministry (RM).

Redemption Ministry is the culmination of trying to discern my ministry journey and how God has possibly been preparing me to do something other than I anticipated when I was much younger and began serving congregations as their pastor. During my ministry career I have experienced great joys and profound disappointments (From the link scroll down for the highs and lows of serving Christ). I have been on mountain tops and deep valleys. Some of the valleys I foolishly chose, others were of the Genesis 50:20 kind… “You meant it for evil, God meant if for good.” I can honestly say I would not have chosen any other path for my life. Now, in this stage, my greatest desire is for God to be glorified above all else.

God willing, I plan to continue the same blog format as I have followed previously. My hope and prayer is that you will be encouraged AND that you will visit the Redemption Ministry (RM) website. Then if at some time you know of a minister who is struggling, give him the RM address(https://redemptionministry.org) and if needed and/or desired I want to encourage those who are struggling personally and tangibly (Been there myself and have learned a few things as a result).

Anyway… if this is your first visit, God bless you. All I ask is that you pray for God to “Make the connections.” Like Onesiphorus did for Paul, I want to search out and find those who struggle and comfort them with the comforts by which I have been comforted by God. If God would so allow, I want to help ministers and churches in whatever way God might deem worthy… for His glory.