This week (Sunday through Thursday) Redemption Ministry provided a retreat for struggling ministers and those desiring a time to get away and recharge. We stayed at Cloudland Canyon in Northwest Georgia which is close to Chattanooga, TN. Each Day we ate out… took in local color… and ended the day with a time of spiritual encouragement. Redemption Ministry footed a good portion of the expenses.

The group included a Presbyterian PCA pastor, A Christian Pastor (Recently terminated by a Church of Christ congregation), and a Southern Baptist Worship Pastor. This small group bonded past denominational lines and doctrinal issues to find common ground and encouragement as brothers in Christ. We all found that when it all boils down, Jesus is the tie that binds.

We discussed family issues, church issues, personal issues, doctrine, theology, prayed for one another by laying on of hands, and took the Lord’s Supper. Outside of the religious/doctrinal/theological discussions, we laughed… talked… listened… and forged bonds that will continue well after the retreat. They all agreed it was a time of wonderful rest and rejuvenation.

There were a number of people who donated to Redemption Ministry that made the retreat possible and a success to whom I’m eternally grateful. As we left, they all asked if we could do it again next year. While I affirmed their desire, I want to keep doing this with other ministers who are struggling and/or having issues in ministry.

Please continue to pray for Redemption Ministry so that I may be able to help and encourage ministers who serve the servants of the King. And yes… if you’d like to contribute to this ministry… or send your minister… let me know how to contact you. Denomination doesn’t matter… my desire is to help and encourage my brothers in ministry who need a time of respite to recharge so they can return and minister effectively to God’s people.