If a believer wants to measure their walk with God and their maturity in Christ, they need to look at what they think about… and how they treat the poor.

I was encouraged and blessed to see so many people from Woodward Avenue Baptist involved in our first Free Christmas Eve Meal yesterday evening!  What I specially liked was that we did not ask for any names… have anyone fill out a comment card… or try to get information about anyone who came.  All we wanted to do was give a free meal.

All who came got a free hot meal (With seconds if they wanted it).  They were able to take meals home with them if they wanted to.  And everyone who came got a box of canned and dry goods to take home with them… no strings attached.

There was an unexpected benefit to the free meal… FELLOWSHIP!  There was fellowship with those who came for the meal AND there was fellowship among those who came together to serve the meal.  There was fellowship between those who served the meal with those who came for the meal.  Everyone who was there became part of a blessing to others… and I’m quite sure everyone had fun!

I heard talk about this becoming something that is done regularly.  I think that is a good idea.  We’ll be looking in to doing it as part of ministry and outreach in the future… God willing!