Sometimes in my reading and reflection, I pose questions.  I don’t know that this question can be answered… at least to my satisfaction, but here it goes.  When it comes to salvation, who sacrificed more… God the Father or Jesus? Which one’s sacrifice showed more love… if that is even possible to ask and be answered?

Jesus left heaven where He had perfect fellowship with The Father… Where He was worshiped… Where there was perfect peace.  Jesus willingly came to a place full of brokenness, hurt, and sin.  Jesus willingly chose to be misunderstood, maligned, attacked, and eventually killed.  Worst of all Jesus was completely abandoned by His heavenly Father.  That had to have hurt deeply.

God the Father purposefully sent His Son… His ONLY Son… out from His midst to a hostile world for the purpose of being horribly murdered so that those sinners who would believe could be saved.  That had to have wounded His heart more than we can imagine.  I can’t imagine the pain God the Father had when He heard His Son… His ONLY Son… crying out to Him and then chose to ignore Him.  That had to hurt… tremendously.

I can’t come close to imagining what God the Father must have gone through.  I know what it is like to have disappointed my children (Though God NEVER failed His Son).  As a son, I know what it is like to be disappointed and wounded by my earthly dad.  But neither of those approaches what happened in heaven with God the Father!

Which is worse?  I don’t know…

This much I do know.  When God provided salvation for believers the pain, sacrifice, and suffering was on both ends… The Father AND The Son (Jesus).

Oh how great is our salvation!  That God would love us that much!