Rainbow.jpgYou can take this to the bank… God RARELY does things the way we expect… when we expect them to be done… or using people we think He would choose to use.  In fact, God is full of surprises.  Let me ask a few questions to present some cases in point for consideration…

  Would God issue a call without giving all the details of what will be required?  Genesis 12:1-5.  God told Abram to leave his family, friends, and business and go the the land he WOULD EVENTUALLY show him.  God may very well call you and NOT give you all the details.  The point is when God calls, we respond in loving obedience.

  Would God use a person for His glory against their will?  1 Samuel 19:15, 18-24.  Saul wanted to kill David.  He sent groups to arrest him several times and they failed.  Finally Saul himself went and when he confronted David, the Spirit came upon him and he lay naked on the ground and he himself prophesied.  Here is the point… NO ONE can resist God’s will.  NO ONE can prevent God from bringing about what He desires.  Thus the next point.

  Would God cause someone to go temporarily insane to get their attention?   Daniel 4:30-35.  Nebuchadnezzer was proud of who he was and all he had accomplished.  To put him in his place, God made him go insane for seven years.  During that time he at grass like a cow, his finger nails grew long as did his hair.  At the end of seven years God resotred his mind and THEN the king affirmed that God alone is God and does whatever He wants with the people of the earth and no one can stay His hand or keep His purposes from being accomplished.

  Has God required someone to do something unusual and odd to get people’s attention?  Isaiah 20:1-6.  Isaiah was part of the cultural elite and a prophet of God.  In order to get people’s attention, God had Isaiah to minister NAKED for three years!  Personal Comment: I’m glad that doesn’t happen today!  But the point is that God at times does things in unusual ways for His purposes.

  Does God accomplish great things for His glory in “offensive” ways?  John 9:1-7.  Jesus healed a man blind from birth by taking his own saliva… making mud with it… and rubbing it into the man’s eyes.  Christ could have just spoken a word to heal him.  He could have simply waved His hand to heal him.  But he made mud out of spit!  Who knows what God may do to bring about His will in your life?!  Stay open to God as He works out His will… even if it is in ways you don’t expect!

  Would God use unorthodox means to bring Himself glory?  Mark 7:32-35. A man was deaf and mute.  Jesus healed him in a similar way as in the above passage, except this time He put His saliva ON THE MAN’S TONGUE to heal Him.  We could give the blind man a pass since He didn’t see what was coming.  But this guy saw it himself!  There could be a time you see God doing something that in your mind is offensive, but keep in mind God doesn’t fit in our box.  Trust God no matter HOW He brings about His will!

Point:  When God told Moses His name was, “I AM,” He was saying… “There is a God who is and one you want me to be.  I AM WHO I AM and I will not be molded by you into what you want me to be!”  God is God and He cannot be manipulated into the kind of God we want Him to be.

Point: God can do what He wants to do with whom He wants to do it as He desires to do it because HE IS GOD!  Don’t forget that! 

Point: What God is doing in your life is a mystery.  What He will do in your life is full of surprises… all of them good.  He has promised that!

Point: God does things in unusual, unexpected, and (according to our perception) unorthodox ways for a reason.  It is found in 1 Corinthians 1:27-29.  The reason?  So that HE will get ALL the glory, honor, and praise!

Application.  Read Hebrews 11:6.  The point is that we are to trust God.  We are to have faith in Him.  That whatever He does… in whatever manner He chooses… will bring Him glory.  God’s glory is the main thing in this life… not our comfort, ease, safety, wants, or security.  So when God is active in your life, be submissive to His will because every time it is good, best, and right.  Every time it will bring Him glory.  And every time you will be blessed!