Ocoee I’m of the opinion that life is like riding a raft down the Ocoee River.  There are sections that are smooth… sections that are rough… some are fun… others scare you to death… but regardless, you will be moved along turning left or right by the current of the river.  Those in the raft have some control of their direction… within the bounds of the river.  But bottom line, the occupants of the raft are at the mercy of the river’s power.

Life is quite similar to a raft ride through the rapids of the Ocoee River.

God has a destination that is being worked out.  Along the way there are times of comfort, ease, and peace.  Then there are times of great fun.  There are also times of absolute terror.  But regardless, life events are moved along according to God’s will, design, and timetable.  The rafter (person) has some control within the bounds of the river… but bottom line is at the mercy of the river’s flow.

This is not fatalism!  Fatalism says what will be will be.  Instead, the thoughts I have are this… whatever happens has purpose versus random predetermined events.  The purposes of God in the providences of life are designed to glorify Him and are for my ultimate best.  There is a huge difference between fatalism and what I believe!

When I’ve ridden a raft down the Ocoee River I enjoyed it tremendously.  To be sure there were times I was paddling with all my might.  There were times my adrenalin was pumping furiously.  I moved from serenity to terror to exhilaration to contentment during the course of the journey.

And I’ve found that the life I’m living… under God’s providential hand… is much the same.