Life is good, and confusing… joyful, and perplexing… has purpose, and mysterious. For the most part I don’t have life events figured out… and probably never will. The plans and dreams I had at 21 haven’t happened… and I’m glad. The things I hoped and prayed would happen have long been laid aside. I am coming to the conclusion that life is something you figure out more in hindsight than anything else. Why do I think that? Well, that has been my experience. God’s ways have been inscrutable and confounding, but then proven later to be best!

I think life is more like a raft floating down a river that can be directed to a degree, but by and large the raft WILL follow the path of the river.

Basic Beliefs (I apply these to every text, doctrine, and life situation):

God can do anything He desires because He is God… (Isaiah 46:9-10Romans 9:20-21)

God’s #1 goal in everything He does is His own glory… (Isaiah 48:11)

God is always good, loving, merciful, and just in all His actions… (Ps 73:11; 116:15; 1 Jn 4:8)

If it is good, God will give it… If it isn’t good, He won’t (Ps 84:11; Mt 7:11; Ro 8:32)

For any questions or uncertainties I refer to first three statements.

I choose to understand life in light of God, not God in light of life events (Copied).

I could go back through multiple events and situations in my life that turned me left or right… sped up or slowed down… became rapids or smooth sailing. In the moment I didn’t understand God, but later I saw more of His hand. Now my goal… as best I can… is to see God’s hand IN THE MOMENT. Not to necessarily understand WHAT is happening, but knowing that GOD is in control.

Just thoughts for consideration.