Margie ReedFor over a year I’ve seen a lady walking down a street where I live. In the summer and dead of winter, she walks. But she isn’t normal! She looks the part of a senior adult. She is always smiling. Pushing a walker! 98 degrees with high humidity, she walks. 29 degrees with blustery wind, she is walking. One mile one way and one mile back. I’ve been impressed and wanted to talk to her. On Monday I did.

Her name is Margie and by her admission she is “Going on 92.” She is 91 years old and proud of it! Her brother just renewed his driver’s license at age 96 and hopes to do the same thing. Margie told me every day when she wakes she puts her life in God’s hands and trusts Him for whatever comes her way. Then she makes sure to thank Him for all that He chooses to give her. In other words, she trusts God and is joyful in Him. I can’t recount all we talked about on the sidewalk by a busy road, but she blessed me with her joy and peaceful spirit.

Now, if Margie can walk 2 miles at age 91 when it’s hot… I have no excuse. If Margie can walk 2 miles when it’s cold… I have no excuse. If she requires a walker to exercise… I have no excuse. If she can be joyful living by herself at age 91… I have no reason to gripe. If Margie can trust God for everything in life for 91 years… so can I each day of my life.

Everyone has something they have to deal with. Everyone has something that makes life difficult. Everyone has issues… EVERYONE. The difference is whether or not we “Cast all our anxieties on (Jesus) because He cares for us” (1 Peter 5:7).