If Christians believe Jesus and what is in the Scripture, then everyone who doesn’t trust Christ for salvation is on their way to eternal damnation unless they become believers in Christ.  The way they believe is when a Christian proclaims the Gospel to them (Romans 10:14).  That means EVERY Christian is to be an evangelist… telling the lost about Christ.

Now… consider what healthy evangelism looks like.  This is from Marks of the Messenger by J. Mack Stiles on pages 112-113.  Note: Some points are paraphrased…

Healthy evangelism is rooted in our own commitment of faith in Christ rather than any pragmatic method of evangelism.

(Become) students of the Gospel.  Know it through and through.

Healthy evangelists guard the Gospel.

The first application of our understanding of the Gospel is not to necessarily share our faith, but to live a Gospel centered life.

Evangelism is an act of social action and produces social change in and of its self.

We must have a Biblical understanding of conversion because many things mimic conversion.  True conversion, when it does happen, is marked by a radically changed life.

Healthy evangelists slay the fear of man and are bold in their witness.

Since love is the mark of a Christian, there is a healthy Biblical view of love and a rejection of the world’s corrosive view of love.

From John 13 and 17 the healthy evangelist knows that Biblical love, practically applied in the church, is the greatest image we offer the world.

Healthy evangelists, as they proclaim the Gospel, cycle through their mind three things: 1) Do I know the Gospel?  2) Do I live the Gospel?  3) Do I speak the Gospel?

Honestly… this post is worth printing out and meditating upon.  Mr. Stiles’ points are salient and tremendously applicable for all believers!