Good Friday.jpgIt is likely that the term “Good Friday” came from the earlier English phrase, “Godes Friday,” meaning “God’s Friday.” In much the same way as “God be with ye” was shortened to “goodbye,” so did “Godes Friday” become “Good Friday.”

In one sense there is nothing “good” about this Friday in that Jesus was murdered by being crucified.  He spent 6 hours enduring the shame and ridicule of men.  Then it was on the cross that Jesus received all of God’s wrath for all the sin of all those who had… or ever would believe.

The worst part of Jesus’ suffering was not the crown of thorns… it was not the lashes he received from Roman soldiers… it was not the beatings or the embarrassement of hanging on a cross naked for hours.  No, the worst part of Jesus’ suffering was expressed when He cried out on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?!”

REFLECT!  It was while on the cross that God punished Jesus AS IF he had committed every sin YOU committed your entire life.  That includes every sinful thought, word, and deed of yours (Meditate on that).  Then add that God punished Jesus for every sinful thought, word, or deed committed by EVERY beleiver who has and will ever exist.  (Pause and Reflect)

Hell is the absence of God’s presence and His wrath/punishment for sin.  On the cross, Jesus went through hell IN THE PLACE OF every person who would ever believe!  (Pause and Reflect)  And in so doing provided salvation for everyone who would believe.

Read Isaiah 53 for a prophetic description of Jesus on the cross.

Read Psalm 22 for another prophetic description of Jesus on the cross (Jesus quoted Psalm 22 on the cross).

The final reading for today is John 18:12-19:42.  This is the fulfillment of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22.

It’s Friday… but Sunday is coming!