One of the most significant encouragements I’ve had over the last few years is reading, listening, and reflecting upon the lives of significant historical Christians.  I encourage you to consider how blessed you can be if/when you consider the lives of Christians from the past and how God used them.  Toward this end I have provided links to a few biographies that you can either download as an mp3… read online… or download the text.  I hope you’ll take advantage of these…

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Preaching Through Adversity

George Whitfield: I Will Not Be A Velvet Mouthed Preacher

William Carey: Is Anything Too Hard For God?

Adoniram Judson (Picture): How Few There Are That Die So Hard

David Brainerd: Oh That I May Never Loiter On My Heavenly Journey

Thank God for great Christians… men and women just like us… who were used for God’s glory!