This post goes with the Sunday night series I will be beginning, God willing, this week at the church I currently serve.  The title of the series is, “Seven Things To Nail Down Before All Hades Breaks Loose” (This is from a friend of Ray Pritchard who delivered a message by a similar title).  You can read the manuscript for this message by clicking here.

I look forward to heaven!  And that’s not a cliche either.  I can’t wait to see Jesus.  I can’t wait to be in God’s presence.  I can’t wait for this life to be over, done, and forever behind me.  The first glimpse I get of Jesus will be more than this tiny human speck of lint can imagine.  Oh the glory of it!

Until then, every Christian can taste a little bit of what that time will be like.  But keep in mind that what we experience here and now is like a kid playing in the backyard with mud pies compared to a month long vacation at Disney World… times 10,000,000.

The slice of heaven now is called… WORSHIP!  Every time we worship, it’s a preview of heaven.  Every time we lift our voices in praise, it’s a preview of heaven.  Every time the choir sings glories to God, it’s a preview of listening to God’s choir of angels in heaven.  God IS high and lifted up…