Josh WetzelI’m with Amy at Auburn this week for her graduate class (She’s in her 3rd Trimester). I’m a “Just in case something happens” backup.

At breakfast today I saw a young man walk in with two prosthetic legs. I talked with him briefly about his service for our country. I asked for his address to send him a copy of Dancing In The Dungeon. He gave me his card with Honoring The Sacrifice on itHe told me it was a Christian based organization that raises money to give wounded military things to help them after returning from deployment. This is his picture to the right. Here is his bio on the website.

At first my thought was to give a Christian brother a copy of my book to encourage him. Then I thought… “Why not send copies of the book… for free… for Honoring The Sacrifice to give in hopes of helping on the spiritual level those who’ve suffered for our country?” Thus… I am looking for people who would purchase copies of Dancing In The Dungeon to be sent to Honoring The Sacrifice for them to give out as they deem appropriate.

If you would like to help, CLICK HERE and let me know. I will get back with you quickly and… if God wills… 1k of those who’ve served our country will be encouraged through “Dancing In The Dungeon: Suffering With Hopeful Joy For God’s Glory.” Each book is $15.00. Please donate either a set amount, OR the number of books to donate.Blessings

UPDATE: I’ve already been contacted by a person for a donation of $100.00! (10 minutes after blog posted)

UPDATE: I’ve had another contact to donate 10 books!

UPDATE: I’ve had another contact to donate 10 books. Won’t post updates each time, but rather just overviews…