Two weeks ago I heard Steve Farrar at CrossPoint’s Men’s Weekend.  On Friday night he delivered a message that put into succint form what I believe about how God works.  CrossPoint’s pastor (Ryan Whitley) posted his notes from the message on his blog.  I have put them here because of how Dr. Farrar nailed the way God works in our lives.  He takes these points from the life of Joseph.

God works in a man’s life three ways:

  1. God works PROVIDENTIALLY, which means He is involved in every detail.
  2. God works STRANGELY, which means sometimes what God’s work does not make sense.
  3. God works SLOWLY, which means God’s plan takes time to manifest itself in our lives.

There are 10 ways God was in control of Joseph’s life:

  1. God is in control over DEVASTATING LOSS – Joseph sold into slavery
  2. God is in control over EVERY EVENT OF YOUR LIFE – no accidents, only providence
  3. God is in control over ALL ASSIGNMENTS – Joseph being prepared as a slave
  4. God is in control over GRIEVOUS SETBACKS – The Lord was always with Joseph
  5. God is in control over BROKEN HOPES – never put a timetable on God’s plans
  6. God is in control over PROLONGED WAITING – during the two years in prison Joseph had to wonder what God was doing
  7. God is in control over POWERFUL PEOPLE – God owns them and God runs them (Potifer, Pharoah)
  8. God is in control over ALL PROMOTION – the Lord prepared Joseph to organize Egypt while he was organizing the prison
  9. God is in control over ALL WEATHER – seven years of harvest, followed by seven years of famine
  10. God is in control over ALL EVENTS – according to Genesis 50:20 – good or bad, friend or foe, God will work all things for your good

When I look back over the events of my life, I can’t help but affirm all Dr. Farrar said.  My goal… and I hope it will be yours also… is to see God’s hand IN THE MOMENT rather than in a retrospect examination of our life.