I’ve been reflecting a little about friends and friendship. Here are a few thoughts that can help knowing when people care about you and if you care about others.

  1. Friends don’t say, “Call me if you need anything.” They call you and help without being asked.
  2. Friends call and keep check on you on a regular basis. Email, text, and calls are all acceptable.
  3. Friends will not air your dirty laundry.
  4. Friends help you clean your dirty laundry.
  5. Friends defend you when you aren’t present when people malign or question your character.
  6. Friends will not abandon you when you are wrong or make huge mistakes.
  7. Friends will pray for you on a regular basis. Sometimes they might tell you they’re praying…
  8. Friends will stay by your side when everyone else abandons you (Pr 17:17).

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