Hebrews 11:6a, “Without faith it is impossible to please God…”

Not improbable, impossible.  Not unlikely, impossible.  Not a slim chance, impossible.  Impossible means there is no way to please God unless…

Does it take faith to “tithe” whatever is left over after paying bills?  Does it take faith for a church to set a budget based on last year’s receipts and projections of future receipts?  Does it take faith to have all your questions answered before you follow God’s call?  Does it take faith to only be involved in things that are “safe?”

When was the last time you… any of us… were involved in something so over the top, so huge, so grand, so outside the bounds of imagination that God had to act or it would not happen?  Ephesians 3:20

When was the last time the church we/you attend attempted something (Anything) that the only way it would be successful was if God did it and thus required faith in Him for it to take place?

The way to answer those questions is related to prayer.  The more we are driven in prayer to the throne of God for help… the more faith is required.  The more passionate our prayers are in asking God to act… the more faith is required.  The more time we spend seeking God over a matter… the more faith is required.  If prayer is rare regarding a matter in our life… we aren’t near pleasing God in that area.

Have we so dumbed down what faith is that we don’t realize what is meant by Hebrews 11:6?

Building an ark when rain, much less a flood, had never before been seen required faith.  Leaving home and family for a place God will show in the future required faith. Standing before Pharaoh demanding God’s people to be freed required faith.  Getting out of a boat to walk on water required faith.  “Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.”

How do we please God?  By faith.  How much faith?  A mustard seed.