Like all parents, there have been times my kids were in situations that I had no control over.  They were in the middle of temptation or difficulty and I was powerless to do anything about it.  One time was particularly difficult and I talked with a man (Ray Pritchard) I deeply respect for his wisdom about what to do.  He told me to pray (Duh!).  More than that, he gave me a specific way to pray.  Below is what he suggested…

Try praying Philippians 1:9-11.  It is a prayer I go back to all the time.  It really contains everything.

That we might be filled to overflowing with love and insight… That we might be able to choose what is best… That we might be pure and blameless… That we might bring forth good fruit… That we might glorify God in all things.

When thinking about my own kids, I have often prayed that they might be able to choose what is best in life.  That they might know… 1) The good from the bad, 2) The better from the good, 3) The best from the better.

I have translated that phrase in verse __ (sic) as, “That they might be able to make wise choices under pressure.”

That is good stuff!  May I suggest you do the same?