4 Generations.jpgI had some interaction with a friend recently and we discussed how to pray for our chlidren.  Here’s what he told me that I believe to be great advice!  If it seems like something worthy of applying in your own prayer life, then get off the stinking internet and go pray (Snicker, wink)!!

Aside: All that is in italics is from my friend…

Try praying Philippians 1:9-11.  That is a prayer I go back to all the time.  It really contains everything (that we need to be praying for our children).  Pray that… 1) They will be filled to overflowing with insight; 2) They will be able to choose what is best; 3) They will be pure and blameless; 4) They will bring forth good fruit; 5) They will glorify God in all things.

When thinking about my boys, I have often prayed that they might be able to choose what is best in life.  That they will know… The good from the bad, the better from the good, and the best from the better.  I have translated that phrase in verse (9b) as, “That they will be able to make wise choices under pressure.”

No matter if your children are toddlers, teenagers, “grown and gone,” or you have grandchildren… those are good words worth putting into practice.

Now please excuse me… I need to go pray.