I have had the joy of getting to know Huntley Brown personally.  He performed three concerts in churches where I was pastor and has literally performed for Christ around the world.  Mr. Brown is a dedicated Christian who has a great testimony and witness for Jesus.  He is humble and loves the Lord passionately.

Thus I was surprised to find out that he was embroiled in the middle of a political matter recently.  I ended up going to “snopes” to find out if what I was reading about him was true… and it was.  Huntley wrote an email about why he could not vote for Obama because of his Christian faith and convictions. It is well written and full of grace and mercy.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who didn’t like what he wrote because it was bringing darkness into the light.  But as Huntley shows, before he is anything else, he is a Christian.  Personally, I agree with and like what he wrote!

Click here to read something about the controversy from Snopes. At the end of this article there is an email response from Huntley about this situation that is well worth reading.

Click here for his website…

Click here for a video of Huntley (This is good!).