Gfather Praying.jpgIn my years as a pastor I have come to a realization… People don’t pray until they are either desperate or have no other option.  Note: I’m talking about when you shut everything else down… get alone… turn off the phone… and really talk to God in prayer.  Aside: As much as I hate to admit this… I’m talking about myself and my own experience!!  So as you read the rest of this post, keep in mind I describing my own personal journey.

In my view, prayerlessness is a statement of independence from God.  It is an assertion that we can handle everything without His help.  To either ignore or neglect to pray is a statement of utter disbelief in the teachings of Christ.  And sadly, that is the way our fallen hearts work… that’s natural… that’s the way we’re drawn to live… independent from God… but that doesn’t make it right!

When we believe the only hope we have is God, then we get serious about prayer.  Then we pray passionately.  Then we enjoin others to pray with and for us.  Then we are driven to our knees.

Only those who believe God is the source of everything and that nothing can happen unless God acts… those are the ones who pray.  With that in mind I wonder if that may be the reason God causes/allows us to find ourselves in situations that are difficult… overwhelming… or cause us to feel as though unless God acts, we will perish.

When was the last time you were desperate?  When was the last time the only hope you had was God?  When was the last time that you knew that unless God acted, all was lost?  And when was the last time you were driven to your knees in prayer because of your life’s circumstances?  When was the last time you prayed at a time other than meals or as you fall asleep at night?

Maybe we need to be despearte.  Maybe we need to become completely dependent upon God for everything.  May we need to affirm what Jesus said… “Apart from me you can do nothing,” and then seek Him in prayer.

Just a thought… something for us to think about for a little while.