I thank God for… Pam, the love of my life for 24 years.  Amy… who just graduated from Auburn who is our first born.  Trey… who loves life and has a way of making everyone feel included.  Britton… who is always an encourager.

God is good, all the time.  He sustains, helps, encourages, and provides.  He is the King… Master… Savior… and Lord.  His Son Jesus is the reason I live.  His Spirit grants me peace.

I thank God for each church I’ve served: Antioch Baptist (Prentiss, MS), Highland Gardens Baptist (Montgomery, AL), First Baptist Oxford AL, Woodward Avenue Baptist, and Moulton Baptist.

I thank God for my friends… too numerous to name.

I thank God for my mom (!) and dad along with Pam’s mom.

And most of all I thank God that He sent His son, born in a manger… so that all who believe may have life and have it more abundantly!