Don’t listen to sermons/messages unless you want God to eventually convict you!  I know… it happened to me yesterday morning.

Truth: Nothing is important until it’s personal.

When you are throwing up sick, you’ll go to a doctor.  When creditors are pestering you to be paid, you’ll work hard toward a resolution.  When your children are engaging in destructive behavior, you’ll intervene to protect them.  When you weep because your marriage is crumbling, you’ll do everything you can to save it.

Truth: Nothing is important until it’s personal.

Whatever is important to us, by definition, dominates our thoughts… energy… mind… money… and actions.  That is true for everyone.  Along with that, consider this: Everyone does what they want to do then find a reason or excuse for doing it.  One more for contemplation: As Christians, when something is really important, we will pray about it… passionately.  If it’s not really important, we may pray a little… but certainly not passionately (This is where I got convicted).

When my youngest son was literally deathly sick 15 years ago… I prayed… passionately.  When my mom and dad were having significant problems 30 years ago… I prayed… passionately.  When one of my children was struggling (Take your pick of which one)… I prayed… passionately.  When ministry was difficult… I prayed… passionately.  I could go on and on.  So could you.

Truth: Nothing is important until it’s personal.

Passionate praying is: Regular… constant… fervent… all consuming and dominates most every waking moment.  Until or unless something is important to us, really important, we won’t pray… passionately.

There are many things we should pray about: Family, health, friends, our nation, etc.  We do pray… but are our prayers passionate?  This is what will tell you… Only when we are desperate and know that unless GOD HIMSELF intervenes all is lost… we won’t pray passionately.

Do we (I) pray to God about… or better… are these things important enough to us to pray passionately about? God’s glory… For revival in our churches… For God’s will to be done… For awakening among the lost… For Christ’s return… For your pastor and staff… for our family and friends to know God intimately?

What is it in your life that is important enough to pray about passionately?  OR… is there anything that is so important you are praying about passionately?  Examine your prayer life… what you pray about… that will give you the answer.

I’m going to go to my closet soon…