There are many things about Jesus & Judas that intrigue me.  Jesus chose Judas to be an Apostle knowing he’d betray him (Omniscient).  Jesus put Judas in charge of their money knowing he was an embezzler (Jn 12:6).  That Jesus sent him to preach the Gospel knowing Judas was a traitor from the beginning (Jn 6:64).  Jesus even gave Judas “authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, & to heal every disease & every affliction” (Mt 10:1-4).

Judas was present when Jesus feed thousands… healed the blind & lame… cast out demons… walked on water… & raised the dead.  For three years Judas heard Jesus Himself teach!  For three years Judas watched & heard Jesus pray.  Not only that, three times Judas had the Passover meal with Jesus!

Jesus gave Judas every opportunity to believe.  Every chance to do the right thing.  Jesus trusted Judas… encouraged Judas… & cared for Judas.  But consider Jesus chose Judas precisely because of  and for what he would do… betray.  Jesus chose Judas on purpose (Jn 17:12).

It was during the meal that Judas left & went to the Pharisees to receive 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ with a kiss on the cheek.  I believe Judas will show up one more time…  Matthew 7:21-23…

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, & cast out demons in your name, & do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’  (Judas will probably be leading this argument.)

It was this evil despised individual that Jesus served… by washing his feet.  It was to this traitor that Jesus showed us how to love our enemies.  Let’s stop right here… right now… & think about our enemies.  People that don’t like us or have hurt us deeply.

If we’re to partake of the Lord’s Supper with the right attitude, then we’re to take seriously Jesus’ model!  Look at v 15!  Who has hurt you?  Caused you trouble?  Wounded you?  Made you grieve?  Was it a parent… sibling… friend… boss… co-worker… or someone else?

If we’re believers… according to Jesus in v 15 how are we to treat our enemies?   If we refuse to follow Jesus’ example, what does that say about US?!  And what should we then do?