Older ManLast Words of Saints and Sinners” is a book I read years ago that recounted dying declarations of people from all walks of life… Christians, non-Christians, including agnostics and atheists. In somewhat of an update I ran across a contemporary offering of what people have said during their last days. This is worth contemplating for one day we all will be where they are. At that time, what will we say… that comes from the heart… about dying? What follows are comments a few people had about dying… (CLICK HERE):

I don’t believe in heaven in that way. I believe that heaven is what you are in this life and if you did good, you’re happy and if you didn’t do good, then you went to hell.

I’m at peace and have been for a few years. You just have to decide that no one can hurt you and you can just go from there. You run to the end of the diving board and jump off, into the black void, and hope that you land in water.

You can be totally fooled by something, and you can absolutely fool yourself into believing anything.

Death?—Eh, just something that happens.

I am a content, whole, peaceful man right now…Not scared, not afraid, just excited, all bubbly inside, like I’m going to get married. I’m reaping what I’ve sowed all those years; I’ve sowed love.

When we die, we die and we go to nothing. Dust to dust…I think the end of the world reaches you when you die.

I’m not afraid to die—I’m afraid of what I’ve got to do to get there.

Just do the best you can, I can’t imagine any other meaning to life than that. And we have to make ourselves happy, we can’t expect that from others.

Time is so precious. God, it’s precious…

Every day people enter eternity with thoughts like these. Thoughts that don’t include Jesus. Sadly, they will be like the Rich Man… for eternity. The question is… in your heart… what do you believe AND is it true?