In the Lion King, Hakuna Matata meant “No worries.”  Bobby McFerrin sang “Don’t Worry… Be Happy.”  Both thoughts sound strangely similar to several passages from Scripture…

  Mt 6:25-33; Mt 10:19-20; Phil 4:4-9, 11b-13; 1 Pet 5:5-10 

  Yet there is a huge difference between “Hakuna Matata…” “Don’t Worry, Be Happy…” and Christian thought!  The first two are a state of mind… a philosophy… that isn’t based on anything rational or objective.  They are concepts that somehow, someway, everything will work out and be “Okay.”  They are humanistic beliefs that do not recognize God… His grace, will, or activity in the world.  And that is where those two thoughts fall short of Christianity.

Christians have a rational basis for not worrying… not being anxious… and being at peace.  The reasoning is not blind faith but rather a settled conviction that God is active in working out His will in the course of human history.  God is good, and as a result what He wills is ultimately good for His children.  God is love, and as such He only allows what is loving into His follower’s lives.

What are the rational reason for Christians not to worry?

1. God is in control.  Nothing rattles God.  Nothing causes Him to have to go to “Plan B.”  God is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all we ask or imagine.  There is nothing God cannot do… His arm so short He cannot save or ear so dull He cannot hear.

2. God is good.  With God’s nature being good, He can only do and/or allow that which is ultimately good.  Just because we don’t see how something can be good doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  Because God is perfectly good, the believer has a settled peace that therefore everything is ultimately good that comes into their life. 

3. God is loving.  As a result, no good thing does God withhold from His children.  He loves them too much to do anything that isn’t a perfect expression of His love for them.

4. God has a plan that isn’t affected by human actions.  God’s will cannot be defeated either by you or any other human being!  No one can mess up your life (Including you yourself) to the point that God can’t use you.  God is able to over-rule our stupidity and prevent us from doing foolish things… including sinning against Him!

Applications:  Think And Act In A Biblical Manner!  Trust in God and don’t rely on fallen human wisdom or thought.  Work the Gospel into your life so that it molds your thoughts and calms your fears.  Honor God and He will honor you.  Do what is right at all times… regardless.  All these are possible because God is at work in you to WILL and ACCOMPLISH His good pleasure!

Therefore, the Christian has peace… Jesus’ peaceGod’s peace… that is not like the world’s “peace.”