There is a village in Costa Rica called Infiernocita… which means “Little Hell.”  It was given that name because of the rampant drug use, violence, and prostitution that takes place there.  We spent our first full day in the country doing door to door evangelism and putting on a mini-children’s event in this area.  Here are some of ruminations on that day.

Aside: Imagine what it is like to be praying… hear an argument taking place… looking up and seeing one man pull a machete on another one.  That happened at while we were there.  Indeed Infiernocito is a dark place that needs the Gospel.

The first person we met was Randall. He had a scar from sternum to navel where he was slashed by a knife, along with several other scars from being shot and stabbed.  When he found out we were Christians he immediately smiled and took us to his house where his mother was (The house was a one room with tin walls, roof, and a dirt floor).  He gave us the best thing he had which was ICE water!  He told us he had become a believer and wanted us to pray for his mother who needed surgery.  His joy was overflowing because he too knew Christ.

Next we met Marvin. He too had scars from many fights.  He asked us to pray for him because he wanted to be free from alcohol and become a believer.  His eyes were glazed over with a far away stare.  He’s had a tough life and didn’t have much hope for the future.  It was while we were praying for him that the machete fight took place just 20 yards from his house.

Then there was Jeanette. This dear lady was a believer.  When we asked how we could pray for her, she said all she wanted was for God to send revival and awakening to Infiernocita.  As we prayed, she wept over the village where she lived, pleading (In Spanish) for God to save the people of “Little Hell.”  What struck me was the joy (!) she had in the midst of abject poverty and constant danger.  I thought of the Scripture, “The JOY OF THE  LORD is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) which she obviously had.

I now wear a bracelet with three beads on it.  The first reminds me to pray for the missionaries in Costa Rica (Later post).  The third reminds me to pray for the believers I met in Costa Rica (Later post).  The second, a dark bead, reminds me to pray asking God to save the people of “Little Hell.”

Imagine how God would be glorified if He sent revival and awakening to such a place as “Little Hell!”  Imagine how God would be magnified were He to transform a town with such a reputation into a conclave of evangelists!

God, may it be your will to glorify your name by saving the people of Infiernocita in Costa Rica!