Yesterday I told you about a person I witnessed to who I couldn’t connect with.  I told you about the three questions I asked and the responses given.  What I didn’t tell you about was the other person who was there… who answered each of the questions correctly!  Click here to read the previous post.

The other person in the room was clear and straight forward about their condition saying, “I’m lost and I know it.  If I died right now I’d bust the gates of hell wide open.”  Note: To hear that would seem like the person is ready to trust Christ right then!  Yes… I got excited.

Still, I went through the three questions.  1) Who was Jesus?  Answer: God’s son.  2) What did He do?  Answer: He died on the cross to forgive sin.  3) Why does that matter?  Answer: Everyone who believes in him is forgiven and granted eternal life.  Note: All three answers were dead on.

So I proceeded. 

Me: So have you trusted in Jesus as your Savior? 

Answer: No. 

Me: Do you want to ask God to forgive you so as to be saved? 

Answer: Yes. 

Me: Would you like to do that right now? 

Answer: No. 

Me: You don’t? 

Answer: No. 

Me: Why… why wait? 

Answer: I’m not ready just now. 

Me: But do you understand what would happen if… God forbid… you were to die? 

Answer: Yes… I’d bust the gates of hell wide open. 

Me: And you still don’t want to be saved? 

Answer: No… not right now…

Pray for my friends.  Both are lost.  One knows it, the other doesn’t.  Ask God to open their hearts so as to understand the truth of salvation so as to be saved.