Jeff Darnell and David Daniel are just two of many here at WABC who have significant health issues we are lifting up to the Lord as a congregation.  With that in mind, consider the following…

“Nothing is important until it is personal” is pretty much a universal truth.  We may notice events, recognize a situation is important to others, we may even be moved to a degree over something that happens around us… but untill and unless it effects us in a truly personal way, it won’t be genuinely important to us.

The degree to which something is important to us is revealed by whether or not… and how much… we pray over it.

For example, the difference between major and minor surgery is who it is on!  Compare heart transplant surgery to having tonsils removed.  The former is extremely delicate while the latter is rather routine.  The former is considered major surgery, the latter is considered minor surgery (By those in the medical profession).  With that said…

If you hear that the parent of a friend of yours is having heart transplant surgery you recognize (Intellectually) that is a serious operation.  You know (In your head) that it is a delicate procedure with little to no room for error.  Now let’s say your child (!) is having their tonsils taken out.  Compared to a heart transplant, having tonsils removed is a walk in the park.  Except for one thing… it is YOUR child being put to sleep.  It is YOUR child going under the knife.  YOU are the one being directly effected by the procedure.  For you, your child’s surgery is more personal and therefore more important.

Which situation above would cause you to pray more?  Of course the one that hits closer to home… and no one needs to feel bad over that because it’s normal.  At the same time, I have a few suggestions to help us encourage those who need our support and prayers.

First… When a person’s name flies through your mind unexpectedly, recognize that is the Holy Spirit prompting you!  Pray for them right then… even if it is just a sentence or two.  That might also be the Spirit prodding you to make a phone call… write a note of encouragement… or even make a visit.  Respond to the Spirit’s prompting!

Second… When someone tells you about a situation that is important or significant for them in their life, stop right then and there (No matter where you are!) and pray with them.  People have done that for me and it was a blessing.  Be a blessing to someone else as you have opportunity.  Respond to the Spirit’s prompting!

Last… When you have a burden in your life, tell other believers so they can be praying with and for you.  Few things are more comforting and encouraging than when brothers and sisters in Christ lift us up in prayer.  So give them an opportunity to lift you up before our God who is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all we ask or imagine.

Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn…”

Who has God just brought to your mind that you need to pray for… make a call to… or send a note of encouragement?