Recently I read The Manhattan Declaration and after contemplating it for a few days I whole heartedly support it and have signed it.  I would encourage you to do the same.  Click here to read the declaration and sign it if you are so led.

As one has written about the declaration,

The Manhattan Declaration is a document affirming the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of marriage, and the rights of conscience and religious liberty. All three of these items are under siege in our culture today, so a group of Orthodox, Catholic, and evangelical Christians have drafted this statement and call upon others to defend life, marriage, and religious liberty.

It has been signed by a number of prominent theologians and Southern Baptists such as… Dr. Danny Aiken (President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), Chuck Colson, Dr. Timothy George (Dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University), James Dobson, Dr. David Dockery (President of Union University), Ray Pritchard, Joni Tada, Dr. Wayne Grudem, Dr. Al Mohler (President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).

I give you that list to encourage you give the document more than a cursory reading… to be comforted that it is a sound theological affirmation of Christian ideals.

Consider this portion of The Manhattan Declaration…

Because we honor justice and the common good, we will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia, or any other anti-life act; nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriages or the equivalent, or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family. We will fully and ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God’s.