I had a couple one time that didn’t attend the church I served to ask for help.  Their marriage was falling apart and they asked me to write for them some Bible Studies that could possibly guide them in restoring their relationship to God and with each other.

I had known them for several years and knew a little about their situation.  After talking with them for a while and based on their request, I wrote three studies for them to go through together.  The first was titled, What I Love You Means; the second was, What I’m Sorry Means; and the third was, What Forgiveness Looks Like.  All three of these were from a decidedly Biblical perspective as I understood it.

These studies are a page which you can access by clicking here.

Included along with the studies are some explanations and introductions.

I ask you keep in mind that I knew these people well and wrote the studies based on their personal requests of me about the topics and thoroughness.  This is not the kind of thing I usually do unless a couple requests it.  I post it here for others to consider if God so leads them…