If it hadn’t been for “A” then “B” wouldn’t have happened, and neither would “C,” “D,” or “E.”  Were it not for “A,” I cannot fathom how many blessings I would have missed from God if the events of that day (And what led up to it) hadn’t happened!

Do you have an “A” event that set your life on a different and unexpected course?  For Adam it was eating the forbidden fruit.  For Joseph it was the hatred of his brothers, being sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, and thrown into prison .  For Moses it was a burning bush.  For Jonah it was a boat ride.  For Saul it was on the road to Damascus.  We all have one… mine is May 18, 2008.

Matthew 7:11, “If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”

I am probably much like you in that I have prayed a generic prayer asking God to bless me.  Then I went along my merry way not thinking too much about what I prayed and how God would answer it.  That means I don’ t realize that as things happen in my life, God may very well be answering what I prayed without thinking it through!

Here are a few things I know: God is God, I’m not.  He knows what He’s doing… I’m clueless.  He is sovereign… I am powerless.  God is good… I am sinful.  God can be trusted, not only with eternity, but also what happens to us throughout our life!  Reference Matthew 7:11 above.

Have you considered the possibility that maybe… just maybe… God has (Or is in the process of) answering that innocent, unthinking prayer for His blessing?  The God who loves you perfectly will not allow ANYTHING into your life that isn’t ultimately good for you.  Remember that God even uses the evil and sin of others to bless you… AND will hold them accountable.  As one preacher put it, “Satan is God’s lackey in our sanctification.”  I like that!

My “A” (First paragraph) took place on 5/18/2008.  Had it not been for that “A,” I would have missed many blessings!  In fact, if it took “A” to be blessed like I have since that day… it was worth it and I’d welcome it again.

Truth: I cannot mess up my life… and neither can anyone else… to the point of God not being able to use me for His glory. Not only that, no one can prevent God’s will and desire to bless when it is His will to bless.  Not only that, God will use unwitting individuals to bless in the most unusual ways.  Not only that, those things are true for every believer!

God… seriously… thank you for that day!