In a previous post I introduced you to a lady doing missions to in Costa Rica named Rebecca “Bleu” Oleson.  Dr. Ryan Whitley, the pastor of the church that went to on the mission trip, has a great post about her.  This is Bleu’s explanation of her work and video that is worth reading:

I don’t know if this will make telling our story a bit easier, and I don’t know if stuff like this can be transferred from a you-tube-ish-like format to your blog, but a guy named Dana came down here last year to visit a friend, and they came down to the river to check out what we were up to, and he asked if he could do an info-style, mini-documentaryish-like video of our “Christmas party/ good grades” celebration.  The thing is, this guy’s not a Christian and he bleeped out every mention of God and Jesus and the fact that our main concern for these kids is their spiritual well-being and all the school stuff and health and nutrition and whatever else are all secondary.  But I thought I’d send it to you cuz there’s some great shots of the kids and, minus the true nature of my calling, most of what God’s put on my heart still comes thru.  Hope this opens for you, it sometimes takes a kinda new computer set up to be able to play the video.  Thanks again for allowing these kids and me and Jaco into your hearts, love, Bleu…

Click below to watch the video:

Dr. Whitley’s blog: CLICK HERE

Direct link to Vimeo: