When your time comes to stand for Christ, whether before  a few or millions of people, what will you do?  Consider this interview with Miss California, Carrie Prejean, after she was asked a question about same sex marriage at the Miss USA pagent…

Carrie Prejean didn’t give her answer to offend anyone… it is her belief.  She does not have animosity toward the group in question… but she does have a personal opinion regarding what she was asked about.

The offense… what is causing people to stumble… is Truth.  As Jesus said, “If they hate me, they will hate you.”  Miss Prejean is therefore in good company!

Her faith is real for her and she is showing more love for God… as she should… than for pleasing a person who tried to ambush her with a question.  It is a beautiful expression of God’s worth to Carrie for her to give the answer she gave knowing it would not be well received by many.  But in heaven, God smiled… He was pleased… He gave her the thumbs up.  Any other answer than what she gave would have been an offense to God!

When we speak the truth in love, as Carrie Prejean did, she is showing love to those she is speaking to whether they like her answer or not… whether they agree with it or not.  Certainly Miss California Carrie Prejean was not a coward (See Revelation 21:8).

For Christians, Jesus is our first love.  Honoring and glorifying Him is what drives our life.  Having His approval is better than the world patting us on the back.  “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his soul?”