God willing, I’ll be traveling to Costa Rica this evening with my sons Trey and Britton.  We will be with CrossPoint Church on their inaugural international mission trip.  Click here to access Mission Challenge that CrossPoint is in partnership with for this trip.

While there, in the mornings we will be working on their farm that provides food for impoverished locals.  Then in the afternoon and evening we will be going to local villages to share the Gospel.  One day we will be going to a town named, “Little Hell.”  It is a place where the Gospel desperately needs to be heard.  We’ve been told this village lives up to it’s name.

The pastor of CrossPoint (Dr. Ryan Whitley) is leading us.  Then there are eight college age students and two other adults that form the group.  Keep us in your prayers as you remember and have time.  May God be glorified!

God willing, I’ll be blogging again when we return.