FIMOIf you don’t know what F.I.M.O. stands for it is: Forget It, Move On. There are a few events and slights so inconsequential FIMO is proper. I’ve used it… until it was said to me. And it stung.

“Just forget it?” Really? As if a deep wound never happened? As if something of tremendous emotional pain never occurred? That’s like trying to will away a toothache except the pain is emotional rather than physical. “FIMO” is a great sound bite, but it is practically impossible. God didn’t wire our brains to forget. From my perspective, remembering is useful in fighting Satan and moving toward holiness.

Remembering is useful in fighting Satan because every time he reminds us of wounds or hurts, we remind him of God forgiving us and therefore we forgive others. We remind him that because of Jesus’ resurrection he is powerless and must flee (Ja 4:7). Remembering is also an excellent way to learn from past hurts and/or mistakes in order not to repeat them.

With one minor tweak, I would agree: FORGIVE It, Move On. Remember the wound, the hurt, the pain, and the person that caused it. THEN embrace the comfort God gives in all our affliction (2 Cor 1:3-7). Heap mercy and grace upon the situation and individual through the act of forgiveness and as a result you will glorify God (Eph 4:32). Then every time the Adversary reminds you of the wound (Which WILL happen), walk through the Gospel again so you are reminded that “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” (1 Jn 4:4).

Quit trying to forget… forgive instead. And keep on forgiving even if they wound you seven times in one day (Luke 17:4). Embrace how God wired the mind to remember and use it to fight the Adversary. The more Christians forgive, the more often Satan is defeated. FORGIVE It, Move On…