Maybe Hollywood… for whatever reason… is getting a few things right!

There is a movie coming out February 23, 2007 titled Amazing Grace.  It is the story of William Wilberforce who was a member of the British Praliment during the 1800s and the catalyst for outlawing the slave trade in Great Britan.  Abraham Lincoln used him as a model for abolishing slavery in our country in the 1860s.  The movie gets it’s title from the great hymn written by John Newton who at one time was himself the captain of a slave ship.

William Wilberfoce is a shining example of Philippians 1:27!  His story is what happens when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is viewed as an ever transforming reality rather than just a historical event.  It is when the Gospel is moved out into the world by believers that lasting positive social change results for God’s glory… as I believe this movie will show.

What excites me is that Amazing Grace is being shown at the time WABC is examining the Gospel in detail.  I’m hoping that Amazing Grace will encourage us to look at injustice and seek to right it for the glory of God… no matter the cost.  I believe the story of William Wilberforce in the movie Amazing Grace will remind us of what God can do through one person who “conducts themselves worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”

God willing, I will see this movie as soon as it comes to our area.