Today my wife and I accompany our son Trey to Louisville, KY.  He is attending Boyce College in preparation for Seminary at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  That means today is one of great excitement and anticipation on one hand… on the other hand there will be tears only parents know when their kids leave home… probably for good.  That’s the hard part for Pam and I.

We’ve been with Trey through 13+ broken bones… many baseball, basketball, and soccer games… prayed as he dated several young ladies… trusted God through a few rocky times… laughed a bunch… always been proud… and now we will keep up with him from afar.

Trey almost didn’t make it into the world… Pam had to take medication to support the pregnancy and upon delivery the cord was around his neck.  From early on though we knew Trey would be our social butterfly.  He was always laughing, cutting up, going here and there, curious, and very much a people person.  His mother and I have thought for years that he had the kind of people skills that would fit well in a ministerial position.  People are naturally drawn to Trey… even when he goes a little far with his kidding and fun-play.  We have watched as he matured into a compassionate person with a sweet sensitive spirit.  He will take a “hit” rather than hurt or offend others (Of course the family dynamic is a little different at times).

We are excited and expectant of what God will do in Trey’s life in the coming years.  We are thankful that God will guide, protect, train, and love Trey more than we ever can or could.  From before he was born, we trusted Trey into God’s hands as with Amy and Britton… and so we do that anew and afresh today.

My wife and I expect a lot out of the faculty of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.  Wherever Trey attends church, we expect a lot out of his pastor, deacons, and church members.  When God calls Trey to a church, we expect that congregation to relate to him in a loving… respectful… godly manner (Because they will answer to God for how they treat him as their minister).

There is one reason Pam and I love Trey (And Amy and Britton)… He is our son… they are our children.

God… please use Trey for your glory.  Use him to build your kindom.  Protect him from the evil one.  Train him and prepare him for what lies ahead.  Thank you Father for my first born son.  Thank you for all my children.  Thank you for my wife.  May you and you alone be glorified in and through us.