I’ve heard of and seen this video a few times, and after watching it I must say I was troubled.  So I decided to take a little closer look and see if it is accurate.  I did this more for my own piece of mind, and that of my children, than anything else.

For a few years demographers have been sounding an alarm regarding the falling birth rates of Americans and other industrialized nations.  Some have especially sounded an alarm when those rates are compared to the birth rates of  other population groups, specifically Muslims.  Watch this recently popular You Tube video, and then afterward think critically with me.

Every person should be careful when they see and hear things purported to be facts.  A good dose of skepticism is a healthy thing to have.  Where my parents told me, “Don’t believe everything you read,” I am telling my children, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV, Facebook, Blogs (Which includes THIS blog!), or You Tube.”

I prefer them to think, examine, test, and evaluate everything they are exposed to!  1 Thessalonians 5:21! Not so that they will destroy every thought presented to them, but so that they aren’t taken in by sensationalism or questionable journalism, and WILL hold on to what is true.

Regarding the You Tube video above, I found something on another website that helps clarify the claims about Muslim birth rates and fertility.  If you watched the video, click here to read about Muslim fertility rates that are falling faster than the rest of the world!

By clicking here you can read another article from Princeton that sheds more light, but is a little longer.  Then you can click here to read another article that challenges the You Tube video from Snopes.

Bottom line, all people… regardless of their nationality or ethnic origin… need to hear the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  Whether next door to us, or on another continent, the lost need to hear about salvation through Jesus.  Demographics and birth rates are under the hand of God who is in the process of getting the world ready for the return of His Son Jesus.