Sonya Allman sent me a link to a video about youth that is insightful.  When you go to the website (The link is in the next sentence), scroll down to the left side of the page and click on “Clearly Different.”  Click on this link to connect you to the page that contains the vdeo.  Come back after you’ve watched it.

If you only watched it once… you probably need to watch it again.  Listen close to what is said by those interviewed (Alan Jackson {One of those interviewed} was my Kappa Sigma big brother when I was at Southern Miss!)… make sure you read the little blurbs on the screen just as closely.  There is a lot of truth and quite a bit of revelation found in what you will see.

“So what?” you might be asking after seeing it.  Well… that’s where we as a church are in trying to figure out how to minister to and reach The Next Generation.  After you see that video you will have a better understanding of the challenges before us regarding our children and young people.

Our call is to be relevant to The Next Generation… not tell them we ARE relevant (There is a difference).  So be praying for Casey and Margie… they are on the front lines in reaching The Next Generation.  Pray for me as I try to discern God’s call for us to reach The Next Generation.  And pray for those in your family the video describes who are The Next Generation.