Cindy called me one morning and told me her husband was having an affair with her best friend.  She was understandably devastated.  It was then that she said… (From her book, “Through it all God was there: Our stories and our journeys by women of God,” page 70).

No offense, but I don’t care what you say.  All I care about is what God has to say, and I don’t have time to look up Scripture because I have too much to do…

Cindy didn’t know it at the time, but that is the one place I am most comfortable.  I have never considered myself a counselor who gives advice, I am a facilitator who points people to The One who is Truth and is THE Comforter.  I have no way of knowing all the nuances of what people struggle with, even when they are 100% forthcoming with their problems.  The human heart is too complex and no one can know it.  Each day Cindy would email me what she was thinking or feeling.  I would reply with a passage or two of Scripture to encourage her.  Cindy focused on the Scripture while I tried to keep my commentary to a very minimum.

It is the Christian’s call and responsibility to study the Scripture and know it well enough so that when God’s people need help we can point them to the places in Scripture that The Spirit uses to comfort them.  It’s not our place to tell them WHAT to do, but to encourage them to seek the One who always does what is best for them.

Cindy thought there was the possibility of offending me… but that couldn’t happen.  She understood what is most important… God’s Truth over human ideas, thoughts, or words.

Lesson: When people are struggling, hurting, or in adversity… first cry with them.  Then as the time is appropriate and you are led by the Spirit… share God’s Truth with them.  And the only way you can point people to His Truths is when/as you know His Truths well yourself.

Bless you Cindy