Recently an issue came up in my life I didn’t want to deal with.  Just thinking about it made my stomach turn and I did all I could to avoid even thinking about it.  The next day my wife Pam called to voice her concerns and I felt that much sicker because she was right.  After getting off the phone, I tried to occupy myself with other things to take my mind of it (Didn’t work!).

In my spirit I kept feeling the need to pray.  I kept thinking… “Just go pray.”  After these proddings continuing for a while, I went to my place of prayer at the church and prayed.  Not necessarily much about the actual thing it’s self, but just to spend time with the Lord.  After a while I got up and went back to my daily routine.

A few hours later I got a call from a person helping me on the matter.  He asked me one question and the answer made everything clear.  My “A” to his “Q” removed the haze in my brain and trouble in my spirit.  Then I realized something about prayer…

First, prayer is more about God working IN US than getting what we pray for.  Second, God has determined to work in our lives through prayer.  When we pray… God acts because HE chooses to do so.  When we don’t pray… and this is an important point, so don’t miss it… When we don’t pray He leaves things alone… to be subject to forces and powers other than His (CLICK HERE).  When we do pray… He answers according to what He has decided… then HE gets the glory for answering our prayer… we are blessed… AND we learn God answers our prayer!

Option #1: Pray… God answers… He is glorified… and we’re blessed.  Option #2: Don’t pray… God isn’t involved… and who knows what will happen?

Let’s see… I think I’ll take Option #1.