Pam (My wife) and I traveled to Asheville, NC for our 25th anniversary.  It was a six hour and forty minute drive (Thanks to road work outside Asheville).  That is a long time for some… but it was a joy to be with my wife.

One of the things we did… which only preachers and their wives would do… is listen to a Christian biographies.  We chose David Brainerd, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and Adoniram Judson (Click the links to either read the manuscript or download the MP3 of the biography.  I HIGHLY recommend the MP3!).

What struck Pam and I as we discussed these men’s lives is all the things in their life that we weren’t aware of.  We were amazed how these men continued to serve God through their hardship.  Consider…

David Brainerd suffered from TB dying at the age of 29.  He was a missionary to the Indians in New England in the 1700s living under severe circumstances that we cannot imagine today.  Yet all the great missionaries attribute to him the encouragement to continue in the midst of their circumstances.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon suffered from gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe depression… while his wife was essentially bedridden for the 20 years of his ministry.  He was regularly attacked from critics and opposed by his own pastor brothers.  Yet he is known as “The Prince of Preachers.”

Adoniram Judson also dealt with extreme difficulty.  Several of his children died… he survived two of his three wives… he was imprisoned and tortured… and also battled extreme depression.  Yet he is know as the father of modern missions.

The time passed quickly as we listened and discussed God’s work in the lives of these great men.  We were also encouraged by how these men processed hardship in the midst of life and serving God.

Again… I encourage you to download either the MP3 or the manuscript from the links above.  Then listen to them and be encouraged!