Pastors have pastors.  Let me introduce some of mine to you.

Last Thursday Pam and I had dinner with three dear and precious pastor friends and their wives.  This group includes one Church of Christ pastor, one Non-denominational pastor, one PCA Presbyterian pastor, and me… a Southern Baptist pastor.  Now THAT is diversity!  Sadly, the leading senior member of our group and his wife aren’t in the picture…

We have sweet fellowship and love being in each other’s company.  There is a concern, care, and love for one another that time and distance does not affect.  The sight of my friends and the sound of their voices are comforting and pleasing.  Each encourages the other… there is a desire to linger and not part company… the major topic of discussion is God’s work in our lives and in those we’re called to serve as Shepherds.  We enjoy discussing joys we’ve found in Scripture and how God reveals Himself to us.  There is wweet fellowship indeed among us every time we’re together!

I met with my Pastor Friends every Thursday for about a year before I was called to serve Huffman Baptist in Birmingham.  We’d spend an hour or so listening to and encouraging each other.  We’d pray for our families… churches… and God’s glory in our ministries (This was thee sweetest part of our time together for me).  And the fellowship continued throughout the week as we kept in regular contact with each other.  The only thing I didn’t like about the group was that we had to part each other’s company too soon each Thursday.

God… thank you for sweet Christian fellowship.  It is a momentary slight preview of what heaven will be like which will last eternally.  Jim, Scott, and Mark… I love you guys!