I just got back from a mission trip to Costa Rica with my sons and CrossPoint Church (Picture: Trey, “Blue,” Britton, and Me).  This week… God willing… I will be posting about it.  One thing I know… unless the reader has experienced something similar it will be like trying to describe Disney World to those who’ve only played on their back yard swingset.  Without a point of reference… what I will write won’t connect as much as I’d like for it to.  (Pause)  Anyway… here are a few introductory thoughts…

God does what He wills… for His glory… in His timing… ALWAYS.

Being anxious and in a hurry does not change God’s timing and will… EVER.

American Christians are not the only people God speaks to NOR are they the only ones He uses.

Joy and happiness are truely found in the Lord and not worldly possessions.

There is much to be learned from Christians of other cultures and calls about walking with God.

It is better to rest in Christ than worry about anything you can name.

God works in terms of months, years, decades, and centuries more than weeks… days… or hours!

God willing, just this coming week, I’ll try to post a few things that will be both encouraging and challenging.