Sunday at lunch my son Trey said, “Dad… do you realize you quoted Philippians 1:27 like a hundred times in the message?”  Then I asked… can you quote it?  He did.  Then I asked my other son Britton to quote it, he did.

Monday I was at Britton’s county basketball tournament, I was talking to Tim Morgan about the first half and my evaluation of it.  Just before I left to go pull for the Trojans to win (In spite of the referees), Tim said to me… “Remember Pastor… ‘Whatever happens conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ!'”

Tuesday in staff meeting our Children’s Director Margie Keeling told me that after the service Sunday morning her daughter Brittany (11 years old) went home and immediately printed out the text of Philippians 1:27 on sheets of paper to put on the front of her school binders AND made extra copies to give to her friends at school.

Those are just three examples of how God is already using Philippians 1:27 in His people at the church.  After just one message… one presentation of the theme for 2007… one day of seeing the banners in the church with the theme verse on it, people are thinking about… remembering…. and applying Scripture!

That is the kind of thing that lights my fire as a pastor!

I can’t wait to see what ways God is going to work Philippians 1:27 into our lives AND the life of the church!

Oh… one more thing… “Whatever happens, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:27).

UPDATE 1/15/2007!

Recently (Seperately and at different times) two of our Deacons showed me a slip of paper they keep with them that has the text of Philippians 1:27 on it!  More connections are being made!

From the “Comments” section of this post, Suzanne tells how to make the banner at the top of this post “wallpaper” for your computer.  Yet another connection!