There is a rule I have for myself that I try hard to keep.  It is also a rule in the Ethridge household also.  I don’t like hearing it… it isn’t helpful when it happens… and it brings everyone else who hears it down.  What am I talking about?  WHINING.  The rule? NO Whining!  I even have a sign in my study that I look at many times every day that reminds ME not to whine.

Whining isn’t worth the effort it takes because nothing is accomplished by whining.  Think of what people whine about: The price of gasoline… global peace… the weather… the political climate in America… the temperature in church… their job… their co-workers… their spouse… their children… their health (Or lack thereof)… ad infinitum! 

I wish some would get a grip and consider what whining communicates as believers in Christ.  When Christians whine (About anything) they’re expressing a lack of faith in the power, will, and design of God (Let that sink in).  Maybe it IS God’s will that gas prices are what they are.  Maybe it IS God’s will that there are wars and rumors of war.  Maybe it IS God’s will for America to be struggling politically.  Maybe it IS God’s will a job or career is difficult (Hey, at least you HAVE a job!!!).  Maybe God IS working in the lives of your spouse, children, co-workers, or boss through difficulty!  Maybe God has a purpose for a person’s health to be what it is.  Ever considered those as possibilities?  And if God is involved in bringing those things about, what does our whining say about us and our faith in God?!

Aren’t we supposed to pray to God, Thy Kingdom come… Thy will be done?!”  Consider that maybe… just maybe… what is taking place around us somehow IS God’s will.  Maybe… just maybe… God is working through what we don’t understand in the moment to glorify His name!  Hmmm…  I’m just saying…

The Apostle Paul didn’t like whining.  Consider Philippians 2:14-16… “Do all things without grumbling or complaining (Whining?), 15 that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, 16 holding fast to the word of life…”

According to Paul, grumbling and/or complaining (Whining) is not consistent with being a believer in Christ.  Grumbling and complaining (Whining) causes Christians to be confused with a “crooked and twisted generation.”  Grumbling and complaining (Whining) dims the light we are supposed to be shining forth to a lost and dying world!  If soldiers can refuse to whine in war then certainly the Christian life can be lived as a “No Whining Zone.”

In Phil 2:16 Paul directs his readers to the antidote of grumbling and complaining (Whining).  The believer is to hold fast to “The Word Of Life.”  That means the Christian is to think Biblically!  The Christian’s worldview is to viewed through the truth of Scripture!  The believer is to see the world and what happens the way God sees it.  And the result is that we are content in all circumstances (You can’t be content if you’re whining!).  The follower of Christ is not troubled by this world’s events because our eyes are turned toward heaven!

So please… think Biblically!  For as you do that you will shine as lights in the world and glorify God!  THEN you won’t whine, gripe, or complain.