Fai 11.6What are we doing that REQUIRES faith (Heb 11:6)? What are we attempting that unless GOD acts, it won’t happen. In what way(s) MUST you trust God or you will fail miserably?”

Faith Examples: Marching around the walls of Jericho for seven days (Joshua 6).  Building an ark even though it has never rained (Gen 6:13-22).  Needing to feed thousands with a few fish and loaves of bread (Mt 14:15-21).  Standing in front of a million people, at the Red Sea, with an army coming after you (Ex 14). Leaving your family and home to go to a place God won’t tell you where it is (Gen 12:1).  Taking your only son to an altar to sacrifice him to God (Gen 22:1-3).  Going to witness to a man who has been killing every Christian he can (Acts 10:9-19).

The majority of Christian are living such safe and secure lives that it requires very little if any faith. What we call success are actually failures in God’s eyes because faith was not required. We covered every base… answered every question… dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” We made sure to call in consultants… did the feasibility studies and made sure all the opinion leaders were on board with us.

Why? Because we don’t want to get too far out on a limb. We don’t want to fail. We want to be a success, in our own eyes and the eyes of others (But not necessarily in God’s eyes).

God says, “Trust me and you’ll be imprisoned before you are beheaded. Then I will give you a robe and crown.” God says, “Trust me and your family will think you a fool. But I will tell you WELL DONE!” God says, “Trust me and you will lose everything this world has to offer. But I will make you master over many things.”  God says, “Trust me and people will ridicule, deride, and attack you. But then you will reign with me for eternity.” God says, “Trust me… absolutely… completely… without reservation and I will give you eternal riches beyond what you can imagine.”

It is impossible to be safe, secure, and successful from a human point of view AND please God. So I ask again… What are you doing that REQUIRES you to trust God and have faith in Him?