This post is for those who desire to study fasting in the Scripture.  What follows are a number of pertinent texts on the topic.  These are not all the texts concerning fasting, but should be enough for a good start.  Click here for my first post on prayer and fasting.

Is 58:3-7 (The kind of fast God approves of.).  Mt 6:16-18 (How fasts are to be conducted).  Joel 1:14 (God’s people called to fast).  2 Chron 20:3 (Called for during national adversity).

Jer 36:9 (As part of worship).  Lk 2:37 (As part of worship).  Joel 2:12-13 (As part of seeking God and repentance).   1 Sam 7:6 (Confession of sin).  Neh 9:1-2 (Confession of sin).  Jonah 3:5-10 (In response to preaching).  Dan 9:3 (When seeking God).  

Ps 35:13 (On behalf of others during sickness). Dan 6:16-18 (On behalf of others in difficulty).  Neh 1:3-4 (Expression of grief).  2 Sam 1:11-12 (Occasion of grief or national calamity).    2 Sam 12:15-16 (During family difficulties). Est 4:16  (Before an important event).  Ezra 8:21-23 (Asking God for protection).  Mt 4:1-2 (Jesus before temptation).

Acts 13:3 (Ordination of ministers).  Ac 14:23 (When elders where chosen).  1 Cor 7:5 (Fasting from something other than food).  Ac 9:9 (By Paul after conversion).

Click here to download the PDF of John Piper’s book A Hunger For God from Desiring God.  Click here for Campus Crusade For Christ’s suggestions about prayer and fasting.  Click here for other texts on fasting from Bible Gateway.

Final Comment.  The most important thing to remember regarding fasting is that the purpose is to seek God.  It is not to get things from God.  God cannot be manipulated into giving us what we want just because we fast.  Fasting is a means GOD uses through us to reveal Himself more fully and accomplish His will.  Fasting is a vital part of the Christian life and disciplines.