Archbishop William Temple wrote, “When I pray, coincidences happen.  When I don’t, they don’t.  Rather than dissecting such incidents, I try to use them as building blocks of faith… to see them as ‘God-incidents’ instead of coincidences.”

I suggest you go back and read that quote again… this time slowly.  Meditate upon it, then consider how many “God-incidents” have taken place in your life.

In college I asked God to give me the woman He wanted me to marry.  Then I had a knee injury, surgery, quit football, moved back to Birmingham, and attened Samford University where I met Pam Britton… who I eventually married.  Coincidences or “God-incidences?”  I choose the latter.

When Britton got deathly sick with liver disease in 1996 I asked God to heal him if it was his will.  Our doctor in Oxford recommended a doctor in Birmingham who recommended a doctor in Cincinnatti who recommeded an aggressive treatment of steriods and other medications which Britton responded to and his health was restored.  Coincidences or “God-incidences?”  I choose the latter.

I came to a place in ministry where I began looking for another place to serve.  I made a phone call to a pastor friend who took his wife to a bed and breakfast in northwest Alabama where he saw a friend (Greg Morrison).  Greg told my friend he was interim pastor of Woodward Avenue Baptist Church whereupon my friend gave Greg my resume who gave it to the search team which led to me coming as your pastor.  Coincidences or “God-incidences?”  I choose the latter.

Now, can you not look back over the course of your life and identify times when you prayed and then things happened that were “God-incidences?”  Can you not see points where things happened you didn’t expect that led to wonderful blessings in your life that just a few days, weeks, or months earlier had been the object of your prayers?

Those were “God-incidences!”

NOW… keep in mind that as you pray God will bring about incidences that seem random to others, but are recognized by you as His hand.  Remember as you pray that God IS active in the world… in your life… in the lives of those around you to bring about answers to prayer.  Coincidences to others, but “God-incidences” to you!

Recognize the things that happen in your life for what they are… answers to prayer… “God-incidences.”