Worship.jpgI’m about to start a short series of messages on prayer.  For that reason I’ll probably be posting a lot about it over the next few days.  As a first submission here are a few quotes I’ve happened upon you might find worth meditating on.

  There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer. (Pierson)

  History is silent about revivals that did not begin with prayer (Edwin Orr)

  God will do nothing but in answer to prayer.  (John Wesley)

  Any church program, no matter how impressive, if it isnot supported by an adequate prayer… is little more than an ecclesiastical treadmill.  It is doing lilttle or no damage to Satan’s kingdom. (Paul E. Billheimer)

  From heaven’s standpoint, all spiritual victories are won not primarily in the pulpit, not primarily in the klieg light of publicity, nor yet through the ostentatious blaring of trumpets, but in the secret place of prayer (Paul E. Billheimer)

  Unbelief in the integrity of the Word is the first great cause for prayerlessness. (Unknown)

  Those who know God the best are the richest and most powerful in prayer.  Little acquaintance with God, and strangeness and coldness to Him, make prayer a rare and feeble thing.  (E. M. Bounds)

  Let the fires go out in the boiler room of the church and the place will still look smart and clean, but it will be cold.  The payer room is the boiler room for the church’s spiritual life.  (Leonard Ravenhill)

  Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work. (Oswald Chambers)

  To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.  (M.L. King)

  I have so much to do that I shall have to spend the first three hours in prayer.  (Martin Luther)

  When a Christian shuns fellowship with other Christians, the devil smiles.  When he stops studying the Bible, the devil laughs.  When he stops praying, the devil shouts for joy.  (Corrie Ten Boom)

  When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don’t pray, they don’t.  (William Temple)

  Those who do not believe do not pray.  This is a good functional definition of faith.  Faith prays, unbelief does not. (John A. Hardon).